Jonas Gathen

Jonas Gathen

PhD student in Economics

Toulouse School of Economics


I’m a fifth-year PhD student in Economics at TSE. I am on the 2023/2024 academic job market.

I am a macroeconomist with broad research interests in Macro Development, including Firm Dynamics & Growth, Political Economy, and Inequality. In my current research, I am particularly interested in what drives growth processes in developing countries. To study this, I use a combination of micro data and structural (macro-)economic models.

In my job market paper, I study the drivers of growth miracles and rapid industrialization. I do so by combining 40 years of manufacturing plant-level data from Indonesia and a structural model where growth is driven by a combination of aggregate changes in the economy and catch-up growth as firms slowly adjust to rapid changes in the economy. I find that catch-up growth is key to understand Indonesia’s industrialization. Importantly, catch-up growth does not become less important over time.

I also have work on the aggregate costs of political connections, structural change and government hiring. Check out my research statement for more information.